Single-Family Residential

Nova House

Oversee the design, Construction and certification process

  • $0.00 monthly utility bill for homeowner
  • Procured up to $12,250.00 in NJCEP utility incentives
  • Score HERS -2, without solar HERS 40

Project type : Barnegat Zero Energy Passive House

Barnegat, NJ

Multifamily Development

Stafford Township, NJ

Multifamily, Retail, Landfill

Stafford Solar

Coordinate the assessment and installation of solar power system, manage upgrades proposed by the selected vendor .

  • $37,750 SREC received in 1st year
  • ~$18,000 Utility bill savings 1st year
  • ~$160,000 total ITC & Bonus Depreciation Received 1st year
  • 150,100 kWh production in 1st year

Project type : Solar development


Paintbrush Factory

Sub-contracted LED lights; bid, purchase, and install. Quantify utility rebates, manage rebate processing

  • Procured $10,715 in PECO rebates
  • Reduced project costs 26%
  • Long-term lighting savings of 15%

Project type : New construction LED Lighting

Philadelphid, PA

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