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We believe home design should fit the lifestyle of our clients, while minimizing impact on the environment — today and into the future.


Idea Broker believes in a customer-centric approach to home construction. We never assume to know more than those who will ultimately call the project their home.


How we build homes carry long-term consequences. Careful attention to simple details, as well as adoption of emerging best practices such as Passive House construction, can result in significant improvements to the quality, comfort and environmental footprint of a home.


Our goals align with the best interests of our clients. When a project reduces wasteful spending, we lower client costs and demonstrate the value of our services.


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Tiffany Rolfing


Tiffany applies her Midwestern values to advance residential and commercial real-estate projects across the East Coast.

Originally from South Dakota, Tiffany champions long-term solutions that promote sustainability and eliminate inefficiencies. Her 15 years of experience in project management, residential energy efficiency, commercial development and behavioral design are applied to analyze project opportunities and, in the process, uncover hidden operational savings or revenue streams.

With an MBA in Strategic Design & Innovation, and as a Passive House Institute of the United States Certified Builder, Tiffany arrives at energy-efficient solutions by focusing on a resident’s lifestyle and concerns. Her goal is always to encourage products or technologies that address needs of the end user, holistically connecting system improvements with owner needs.

Leadership roles include serving on the board of the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia, the American Institute of Architects’ Housing Committee of Philadelphia, and the Green Committee (Home Builders’ Association chapter) of the Building Industry Association of Philadelphia. She also is an adjunct professor at Jefferson University.

  605 366-4909   tiffanyrolfing@ideabroker.us

Leslie sees creative solutions to achieve maximum energy efficiency improvements within even the most challenging building environments.

A St. Louis native, Leslie is recognized across the Mid-Atlantic region as an authority on whole-building energy modeling and innovative building design. She applies more than a decade of architectural and urban design experience across a variety of Idea Broker projects, expertly identifying opportunities to enhance building occupant comfort, capture natural lighting and boost indoor air quality. Her projects consistently achieve energy savings of 20% or more.

With a Master of Architecture, and as a Passive House Institute of the United States Certified Consultant (CPHC), Leslie transitions real estate portfolios to embrace greater levels of sustainability and profitability. She offers building audit services as well as support with material selection, commissioning reports and sub-contractor selection.

 856-671-2707   lesliebillhymer@ideabroker.us

Leslie Billhymer


Michael Sebright

Technical Advisor

Michael is the creator of elegant, zero-energy projects.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Michael combines formal architecture training and the work ethic of a military veteran, partnering with developers and homebuilders to construct hundreds of the most ambitious, durable and sustainable projects along the East Coast.

With more than 25 years of experience as a general contractor, Michael is prepared to assist at any point throughout a project’s design and construction. His feasibility and technical reviews enhance project value and ensure client profitability.

Qualifications include advanced training and experience installing solar thermal units, solar photovoltaic arrays, Insulated Concrete Form and ISOMAX building systems.

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