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We believe home design should fit the lifestyle of our clients, while minimizing impact on the environment — today and into the future.

Customer Centric Approach


Idea Broker believes in a customer-centric approach to home construction. We never assume to know more than those who will ultimately call the project their home.

Passive House Construction


How we build homes carry long-term consequences. Careful attention to simple details, as well as adoption of emerging best practices such as Passive House construction, can result in significant improvements to the quality, comfort and environmental footprint of a home.

Advisory Services


Our goals align with the best interests of our clients. When a project reduces wasteful spending, we lower client costs and demonstrate the value of our services

Our Focus

Customer-centric advisory services for
homebuyers and developers.

We are home construction consultants, 100% focused on the needs and interests of homebuyers and property owners

We are not contractors or architects. Rather than seek higher profit margins in every design decision, we simply represent our clients.

Beginning at initial design, all the way through construction, we help assemble the team and scrutinize their progress. We ensure custom-built homes stick to schedule, stay within budget and uphold the quality standards expected of a dream home.

Luxury Single-Family Homes

Beautiful. Durable. Sustainable.

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Multifamily Development

Bringing project dreams to reality.

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Energy Efficiency

Greater comfort. Lower utility costs. Healthier indoor spaces

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Imagine a home built to meet owner needs, rather than the builder’s convenience.

At Idea Broker, each project follows a unique journey. Listening to our clients, we identify the preferred style, comfort and practical features for every corner and within all living spaces. We oversee construction to prevent mistakes and to avoid frustration.

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Nova House

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